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3M 3MDW311 Under Sink Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

Price $239.99 List Price Price $342.99 Save 30%
Availability: Special Order Item - Free Shipping
Fits 3MDW301 Under Sink Water Faucet Filter System by 3M.
  • Reduces particles down to .2 microns in size and larger
  • Reduces a vast array of contaminants that would otherwise plague your water
  • .75 gpm flow rate means there is no serious impact to water flow
  • Provides on demand water filtration
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The 3M 3MDW311 Under Sink Replacement Water Filter Cartridge is NSF certified to reduce particulates, chlorine taste and odor, chloramine, asbestos, parasitic protozoan cysts, lead, MTBE, trihalomethanes (TTHM) and VOCs. With its nominal .2 micron rating this filter replacement is still capable of delivering a flow rate of .75 gpm, providing a comparable flow rate to an unfiltered faucet. With its operational excellence the 3M 3MDW311 Under Sink Replacement Water Filter Cartridge is a must have for your water filtration needs. This powerful contaminant reducing cartridge is a replacement component for the 3MDW301 under sink system.
Package Qty1
Actual Size (in)14-3/4 inches (Length) x 4-2/5 inches (Outside Diameter)
Actual Size (cm)37.5 x 11.3
Filter Life (gallons)1000
Filter Life (liters)3785
Filter Life (months)12 months
Micron Rating (Nominal)0⋅2
Operating Pressure (psi)25 - 120
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi)120
Operating Temperature (°F)40 - 100
Operating Temperature (°C)4.4 - 37.8
Maximum Temperature (°F)100
Flow Rate (gpm).75
Flow Rate (lpm)2.842

Reduced Contaminants

The 3M-3MDW311-01 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Asbestos
  • Chloramines
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Cysts
  • Lead
  • Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE)
  • Particulates
  • Sediment
  • Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM)
  • VOCs