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5 Stage TFM Reverse Osmosis System Replacements

Price $100.00
Availability: - Free Shipping
If you have a 5 stage Reverse Osmosis System that uses a TFM membrane, we sell comparable replacements. Our standard replacement filters are approximately 10-inch x 2.5-inch. You should confirm that your filter housings will hold a 10-inch x 2.5-inch filter. A standard membrane housing holds an 11.75-inch to 12-inch membrane. Confirm your membrane housing will hold the membrane. If your membrane housing is not standard, you can replace it with the standard MH09-1812WH Membrane Housing. Reverse Osmosis Systems have a flow restrictor in them. The flow rate of the restrictor must match the membrane flow rate (gallons per day). Choosing the membrane with the correct gallons per day is important. You will find the gallons per day of your membrane on the actual membrane itself or consult your user's manual.

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