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5 Stage TFM Reverse Osmosis System Replacements

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5 Stage TFM Reverse Osmosis System Replacements

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The 5 Stage TFM Reverse Osmosis System Replacements is no longer available.
This item has been discontinued: Please see replacement parts for compatible filters and membranes.
  • 5 Stage Standard Reverse Osmosis System with TFM Membrane Replacement Filters and Membrane:
  • Stage 1: P5-10-WF. Replace approximately every 6 months.
  • Stage 2: EP5-10-WF. Replace approximately every year.
  • Stage 3: CBC-10-WF. Replace approximately every year.
  • Stage 4: Replace approximately every 2 years. To find the correct membrane, check the gallon per day (gpd) rating in your user manual or remove your current membrane. Your current membrane will indicate the gpd. For more about finding your membrane see the video Reverse Osmosis Membrane Identification.
    Choose from the following standard membranes:
    TROM-18-WF, 18 (gpd). 1.8" x 11.8"
    TROM-24-WF 24 (gpd), 1.8" x 11.8"
    TROM-36-WF 36 (gpd), 1.8" x 11.8ヤ
    TROM-50-WF 50(gpd), 1.8" x 11.8"
    TROM-75-WF 75 (gpd), 1.8" x 11.8"
    TROM-100-WF 100 (gpd), 1.8" x 11.8"
  • Stage 5: Measure the diameter of the water line to find the correct filter. (Hold a ruler over the width of the water line to get the diameter.) Choose from the 2 types of fittings, quick connect or female pipe thread fittings.
    Quick Connect Fitting (QCF): Built in fittings. Simply push the clean cut water line directly into both ends of filter.
    K2333-JJ Water Filter 1/4" Quick Connect Fitting
    K2333-KK Water Filter 3/8" Quick Connect Fitting.
    Female Pipe Thread Fitting (FPT): You must have male pipe thread fittings on your water line to use these filters. To use, screw the end of the filter onto the male fitting currently on your water line. If you don't have fittings on your water line, choose the Quick Connect Fitting Filter above.
    CL6ROT33-B Water Filter. 1/4" Female Pipe Thread Fittings
    CL6ROT33-C Water Filter, 3/8" Female Pipe Thread Fittings
    For more information on fittings, see the video: How to Use Quick Connect Fittings.

    These filters can be purchased below.