American Plumber W5CIP Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Filter Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Tony the Filter Doctor here. Today we’re looking at the American Plumber W5CIP. This is a set of industry standard size filter cartridges. They’re approximately 10 inches in length and 2 ½ inches in diameter, which means they’re going to fit into a vast selection of industry standard size drinking water filter housings, like for example, the popular Culligan HF360 and many many more. Now, as I indicated, this is a set of two 5 micron, carbon impregnated cellulose dual purpose filters. This is essentially a glorified sediment filter with a small amount of carbon to deal with low-level taste and odor issues. If you have a serious, pronounced taste and odor problem, this is not the filter for you. This unit is NSF Standard 42 certified for material quality and will reduce low-level chlorine taste and odor, and of course organic and inorganic contaminants, and sediment down to 5 microns. Now because the media is cellulose, it is not appropriate for untreated water, so only use these on water that’s ozonated, chlorinated, uv’ed, or that you’re otherwise confident does not have microorganisms living and growing in it because they can live and grow on cellulose media. Now, filter life for each of the cartridges is approximately 5,000 gallons, but this is going to depend heavily on your unique circumstances. If you have a heavy load of sediment or you go through a great deal of water, you’re going to go through cartridges much faster than someone who doesn’t either of those conditions. Again, this is the American Plumber W5CIP, a 5 micron, carbon impregnated cellulose dual purpose filter, and I’m your host Tony the Filter Doctor. Thanks for watching.

See detailed specifications and purchase the W5CIP here.