Welcome to the Brita 35214 Faucet Filter Video Page. WaterFilters.NET offers a broad selection of drinking water faucet filter systems. This compact faucet filter system is designed to fit easily at your kitchen sink. The 35214 filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, sediment, lindane, atrazine, and more. The faucet mount system screws directly onto the faucet without using special tools. The video on this page will explain some of its features.

Brita 35214 Faucet Filter Video Transcript

Hey, everyone. Aquaman here with Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. Today's product is the Brita 35214 faucet mounted filter system. Now, faucet mounted filters are great for a number of applications. They can be used by renters, who cannot install a permanent system. They are also great in RVs, and for that individual tap that you want filtered, where you don't have access to an installed system.

And also they're an inexpensive entry-level way to discover the wonders of water filtration. If you haven't used a water filter before, you may wonder: “Is it really worth it, what's the deal, everyone's talking about it, should I use, should I not?” Here is an inexpensive way, to get into a filter system and experience it for yourself. You will like it. Filtered water tastes great; it deals with a variety of water problems in a very simple manner.

Now the faucet mounted systems install directly on the faucet neck itself. And I'm going to zoom in here and show you a number of the features on this system, in a moment. But before I do that, I want to tell you that this system is NSF certified for standards 42 and 53. Standard 42 is mostly about chlorine, taste and odor. Standard 53 pertains to health effects, and has a very long list of really long chemical terms for things that are removed. It does that with a combination of carbon and deionization resin. As a result, it's capable of removing microorganisms like cryptosporidium and giardia, and many VOCs and things like pesticides and herbicides, lindane and atrazine, and as I indicated, a very long list of really big, nasty chemical words that you don't want to be drinking. So it's a very high quality filter system, and can really do a great job on your water.

Now I'm going to zoom in here, and show you some of the features. Alright, one of the things I want you to see is that this filter system has an indicator light. Now I don't have it operational right now, but you can see in here that there is a little light. And when the filter is new, that light will come on, indicating that it’s green, and then eventually, it will turn green and red, and then after that, it will turn red only. The filter is good for approximately ninety gallons. And the light will turn to the green and red when there are 20 gallons left. And that's the warning time when, get ready, you need to change your filter soon.

And changing the filters is very simple. On the back of the system, there is a small button that you simply press; that releases the filter. And the new filter simply clips into the place. And that's it. It's locked in, and again you just press this button, and pull out, the filter comes out. Now, you don't want to do that, unless you intend to change the filter because the filter change indicator light automatically resets, when the filter is removed and replaced. So, you want to make sure that when you do, you are actually changing the filter.

Now you can switch between filtered and non-filtered water, using this lever on the side. And you simply turn it, and you can probably see there's a plain water indicator there, and up here it says “Brita,” indicating it's Brita filtered water. And then on the bottom, you'll see that your regular unfiltered water will come out of this, and your filtered water will come out here. Simply switch between the two, like so. Now, the unit is attached directly to the neck of the faucet, with this “twist-on, screw-on” device. And of course when you install it, you don't want the filter attached, since it makes it just a lot easier to get it into place. And then, because of the days of universal faucets are long on, Brita is smart and they provide you with 3 different adapter pieces, so that if this size right here does not fit directly on your faucet, then you can use one of these adapter pieces, to make this fit to your faucet.

So this is really nice, all in one unit, the Brita 35214. I'm your host Aquaman, and thanks for watching.

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