Brita Filter Pitcher Overview Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Tony the Filter Doctor here. Today we’re looking at the Brita filter pitchers. Now as you can see I’m nearly hidden behind a wall of Brita filter pitchers here and that’s because Brita’s done a great job of providing a wide selection of pitchers to suit your tastes. And there are some twelve or thirteen unique models sitting here in front of me today. Brita’s very wisely chosen to use the very same OB03 water filter in all of them, so regardless of your choice, you’ll get the same high quality filtered water and you can use the same filter in every single one of these unique models. Now this filter is NSF Standard 42 and 53 certified to reduce lead, mercury, cadmium and zinc, and of course, sediment and chlorine taste and odor, so you’ll get great tasting water that’s contaminant free. The materials in all of these pitchers have been certified as non-leaching and 100% BPA free. So, not only do you get a good filter, but you get a good quality product and perhaps even more importantly, Brita customer service is first class. I can speak to that personally because a number of years ago I served as a client service representative for an internet company that sold Brita products, and we had very specific instructions from Brita, that if a client had a problem with their products, we were not to handle it but we were to pass that client on to Brita and then Brita would handle it. First I thought this was strange until a client came back and said, “Wow, Brita was amazing. They asked virtually no questions, replaced my product and took care of my problem. I will buy Brita products the rest of my life.” And that theme rang true again and again as clients had minor problems with Brita products and Brita handled them brilliantly. The point is, if you have an issue, and issues are rare, you can go to Brita with that issue and they will take great care of you. Now, for more detailed information on each of these specific models, please see the model specific videos on the Filter Doctor Youtube channel. Again, I’m Tony the Filter Doctor, and these are the Brita filter pitchers. Thanks for watching.

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