Brita OB-35 Filter Pitcher Video Transcript The OB-35 Brita Water Pitcher.

This is a great little device. You know if you can’t have a water filter built in under the sink, if you can’t install a whole house system or you just simply don’t want to go to the trouble of it, if you’re an apartment renter, a condo renter of some kind or if you just want the portability factor, the Brita OB-35 is an excellent choice. A couple of the features; it has an eight cup capacity, you pour water into the top and it passes through this filter cartridge, which I still have in the wrapper here. It passes through the filter cartridge into the lower chamber and holds eight cups. It has a built in digital filter change indicator right here on top. You just depress the start button and hold it down and little bars; four bars appear. One, two, three, four and then they flash and you’re ready to go. The approximately filter life of these cartridges is two months, so when the four bars are gone you’ll be seeing an indication here on the screen that it’s time to change your cartridge. So you change your cartridge out, it’s really easy it just twists into place, just locks in place inside. Just stick it in and twist it in place and then press the start button and hold it down and reset it and you’re ready to go for another two months. You’re going to need to do a couple of things to put this cartridge in. Before you take it out of the wrapper you should wash your hands, and then you’re going to take the filter out of the package, and then you need to soak it standing upright in water for about fifteen minutes. Then you’re going to rinse the filter under running water for a few seconds and then you’re good to go. You can install it and run water into the top chamber and let it filter through and pour yourself a fresh clean glass of water.

Now this filter system removes a number of contaminants. Not just chlorine taste and odor, but also heavy metals like copper, mercury and cadmium. So it removes those contaminants and you just chuck it and put a new one in its place. The replacement cartridge is part number OB-03, and that’s sold in a three pack, so they come three in a package, the replacement cartridges. Great little pitcher, they’re sturdy, lightweight, and this one’s really nice because it’s got a nice slim-line design. And another nice feature is that the entire thing can disassemble for easy cleaning. Watch this, take this lid off, pull that out, ta da. Clean this whole thing out, scrub it up nice and simply drop this back in and put your lid on and you’re back in business. Isn’t that a nice feature? They thought about what they were doing here. I’ve owned one of these before, I’ve got an under sink system now, but in the past I’ve owned one of these. The water is great quality and it’s just a great entry level model for someone who thinks ,”I just want to see what this whole filtered water thing is about,” or for someone who needs the portability of a system that isn’t installed permanently under the sink or at the whole house level. That’s the OB-35.

See detailed specifications and purchase the OB-35 here.