Complete Sensafe Home Water Quality Test Kit Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Tony the Filter Doctor here. Today we’re looking at the Industrial Testing Systems Complete Home Water Quality Test Kit. Now, there are several very good reasons to use a water test kit. For example, obviously, if you are suspicious of contamination it’s the best way to either settle or confirm those suspicions. If you move to a new location, or really for any reason, experience a change in your water supply; for example you might live in a community that has a shared well and perhaps for some reason they had to drill a new well. Having water test results from that new water supply will inform your decisions about how to best treat your personal water supply, and having test results is the only scientific way to know the condition of your water, and how best to treat your specific situation. Water changes dramatically from home to home, even on the same water supply. You would be amazed how many people think they have a sediment problem, who put a whole house water filter in with a sediment filter, only to discover that they really didn’t have a sediment problem. What they had was an iron problem, and that iron was precipitating out of the water solution in the form of a ferrous rust particle, which is very much like sediment but it’s not going to solve the problem just having a sediment filter for an iron problem. If those people had tested with a water test kit, they would have realized that iron is a significantly more complicated problem that requires special equipment to really deal with it properly. A sediment filter; not so much of a solution for an iron problem, testing is the best way to know how to handle your specific circumstances.

Now, this kit is very thorough. It tests for twenty five different contaminants including coliform bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, hydrogen sulfide, that’s that nasty rotten egg smell, total hardness, total alkalinity, total chlorine, free chlorine, chloride, copper, sulfate, iron and ph. It is a very thorough, broad spectrum test kit. Now, please note, concerning the bacteria test. The bacteria test will test for coliform bacteria, but if you want to have e coli results then you must purchase separately this NVF4 UV light. The test kit will not inform you concerning e coli unless you have this UV light to put UV light on the test results, which causes a certain color glow if e coli is present. This NVF4 UV light is sold separately, so if you want e coli results from this test kit, you must also purchase the NVF4 separately. Otherwise this test kit is very thorough and will give you the results that you need so you can make informed decisions about how to treat your water. Again, this is the Industrial Test Systems Complete Home Water Quality Test Kit, and I’m your host Tony the Filter Doctor. Thanks for watching.

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