Welcome to the Culligan IC-100 Inline Filter Video page. The IC100 filter is commonly used as a refrigerator filter and an icemaker filter. It can also be used as a drinking water filter for under sink applications and as a polishing filter for reverse osmosis systems. The Culligan IC-100 refrigerator water filters produce cleaner, better-tasting ice cubes and beverages by reducing chlorine taste and odor, sediment, bad taste, and odor.

Here we have an IC-100 from Culligan. This is a standard bearer product; this thing has been around forever and is a very common inline filter. In the last few years it underwent a minor product change that has thrown some folks off, and we want to talk about that today. But if you formerly had an IC-100 filter, this will continue to work in 99% of situations, even if you’re not really familiar with the new fitting arrangement that you’ll see when we open this box. So let’s take a closer look at it. Here we have the IC-100, now these grey things on the end; those are just protective covers. We remove those and set them aside, throw them away, whatever, we don’t need them. Here we have the Culligan IC-100. It used to have female pipe threads on the end, and you probably had some form of a compression fitting like this, which would have your water line in the compression fitting and the male pipe threads would screw into the female pipe threads, on your old IC-100. Now we’ve gone to the new technology, and this filter system has quick connect fittings. Here you have a quick connect fitting. It’s nothing more than a hole with a collar around it because it’s integrated in there, the fitting is inside. You can’t see it, it doesn’t matter, it does its’ job. You’re going to take a naked water line; that if it’s not properly cut, won’t work, so we’re going to use a tubing cutter here and I’ll show you that quickly. Take your tubing, put it in your tubing cutter and cut a nice clean edge. The end has to be perfectly circular and it has to be clean on the end and perfectly square cut. That’s what this is. Now I’m going to take this naked water line with nothing on it and stab it into the end. That’s it. There it is. Quarter inch outside diameter, that’s the width of the water line, stabbed directly into these quick connect fittings. No special tools required. Now if you have a situation where you have a piece of plumbing that has a female thread, they have supplied these special little fittings right here, that stab into the quick connect. You have this stem here, this is called a male stem adaptor, and here you have a male stem it stabs into the quick connect, as it is here on this end, and then your female nut will attach to this male thread here. And that’s fairly common and there are instructions on the box about using that, but it’s really quite simple. In either case, you can use this if you had the IC-100 before even if you did formerly have these old school pipe thread fittings.

See detailed specifications and purchase the Culligan IC-100 here.