Culligan ISH-100 with Installation Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Today we’re looking at the Culligan ISH-100 shower filter system. Now, this shower filter does not include a shower head. You use your existing shower head and attach it to this shower filter system. And it installs super easy; let me show you how quick and easy it is. The ISH-100 is NSF Standard 177 certified for shower filter systems, and removes chlorine, sediment, hydrogen sulfide and scale. You will notice a difference in both your hair and skin when showering in chlorine free water. And you don’t have to sacrifice height when installing this system because of the unique off-set design. The filter cartridge is behind your shower head, so you don’t lose any height when installing it in your shower. Filter life is approximately 10,000 gallons or six months, whichever comes first. Again, this is the Culligan ISH-100, and I’m your host Aquaman with Thanks for watching.

See detailed specifications and purchase the Culligan ISH-100 here.