Welcome to the Culligan ISH-200 Shower Filter Page. The Culligan ISH-200 is a polished chrome shower filter that installs easily without affecting the height or positioning of the showerhead. Replacing the ISH-200 filter cartridge is simple. The Culligan ISH-200 shower filter reduces chlorine up to 97% and also reduces hydrogen sulfide which causes that rotten egg odor. The ISH-200 shower filtration system reduces scale helping to keep your shower stall cleaner. Removing chlorine from water will help to prevent drying of skin and hair and prevents chlorine damage to hair texture and color-treated hair. It also prevents inhaling of and absorption of chlorine during showers. The Culligan ISH-200 is bacteriostatic. The term ‘bacteriostatic' indicates that the system limits the passage or growth of bacteria that may already exist in the incoming water.

Culligan ISH-200 Shower Filter Video transcript

Hey everyone; Aquaman here with Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. Today’s product is the Culligan ISH-200 shower filter. Now, this is sort of a strange looking device, but it’s designed this way with really good purpose. The filter itself is offset to the side and behind, so you don’t lose any height on your showerhead. See, this attachment piece attaches to the neck, and then your existing shower head attaches to the filter itself right here. So, because the filter is behind, you don’t lose that distance. There are some filters that are called an intermediary style where, the shower filter itself causes the height of the shower head to reduce by the length of the filter; 4 or 5 inches in some cases. So, this one keeps it off to the side and behind so you don’t lose that height. It is an excellent filter. It’s primarily, and all shower filters are really this way, it’s primarily about removing chlorine, reducing any hydrogen sulfide odor, that’s that rotten egg smell that some water supplies have and, because it utilizes KDF media, it’s going to reduce the formation of scale.

Now, scale is something you’re probably familiar with, you may not have heard it called that before, but the white flaky or green flaky build up you get on your showerhead is caused by minerals that are dissolved in your water that precipitate out and stick and cling to the showerhead, and if you’re like my house, you have to remove the showerhead and stick it in vinegar or a chemical you can buy at your Wal-Mart, that CLR stuff that is just a very strong acid solution that dissolves those minerals so you get some flow back out of your showerhead. The filter media inside of the ISH-200 will reduce those hardness minerals and cause them not to build up on your showerhead, at least not as much. So, if you’ve got trouble with dry skin in the winter a shower filter is an excellent choice. If you have problems with dry hair anytime of the year, chlorine is horrible for drying out the hair and the skin, especially in the winter in the northern states where it gets very cold and dry, removing the chlorine from the water is an excellent idea. Plus, who wants to breathe all that chlorine chemical while you’re in a steamy hot shower and the chlorine is vaporizing all around you. No, a great way to clear up that problem is with a shower filter like the Culligan ISH-200. Again, you utilize your existing showerhead, so you remove your showerhead from the neck; you install this on your neck, and then your showerhead on this. Very simple; opens up real easily for filter changes, and inside is this filter cartridge that pops right out. Here’s your little filter cartridge, and then it just pops back in, put the cover back on, and you’re back in business. That is the Culligan ISH-200. I’m your host Aquaman and thanks for watching!

See detailed specifications and purchase the Culligan ISH-200 here.