Welcome to the Culligan PIT-1 Pitcher Filter Video Page. The Culligan PIT-1 water filter pitcher is NSF certified to reduce Mercury, Copper, Zinc, Chlorine taste and odor, Particulates, and Sediment in your drinking water. With a space-saving oval design the PIT-1 fits in most refrigerator doors. It's the perfect entry level filter for those trying filtered water for the first time, or for renters and those who don't want to install a permanent system. The PIT1 uses the PR-1 / PR-3 replacement cartridge.

Culligan PIT-1 Pitcher Filter Video Transcript

Today this is the Culligan PIT-1 or pitcher-1. It’s a real simple unit, great entry level model for those of you who are thinking about getting into filtering your water, and you’re just not sure, you just want to test the waters and see what the deal is. Here’s a great inexpensive way to get in and also a perfect method for those of you who are renting and just simply can’t install a permanent system and you want the portability factor. Real easy to handle these units, the lid comes off and the cartridge is right here. I’m not going to take it out of the package, but if I did you would wash your hands, take it out of the package, soak it in water for fifteen minutes, run it under some running water to rinse away the carbon fines and get the cartridge ready to go. Then stick it in here, it just inserts into this slot. Twist it in place and fill it with water.

You might have to discard the first couple batches of water, there might be some loose carbon fines that you might not want to drink. Just pour that off, fill it up again, let it filter; those carbon fines will go away after one or two pitchers full of water and then you’ve got yourself a filter cartridge that’s good for fifty gallons of water. Now this unit’s a real basic unit so it doesn’t have a timer device or anything like that. It’s got a little calendar here, a little dial calendar, and you’re just going to click that from month to month. Just set it, you know you change your filter in October, in one month now it’s November, now it’s December and now it’s time to change the cartridge. Probably good for anywhere from one to two months, depending on how quickly you think you’re going through fifty gallons of water. Nice thing about this, it can be disassembled and washed; it’s not dishwasher safe so don’t put it in the dishwasher. But get in here with a scrub brush and soap and water and wash it out and it goes back together like nothing. Cartridge, lid it up, ice cold filtered water in the fridge. That’s the Culligan PIT-1.

See detailed specifications and purchase the PIT-1 here.