Doulton W9320007 Stainless Steel Under Sink Filter System Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Tony the Filter Doctor here. Today we’re looking at the Doulton W9320007. This is Doulton’s stainless steel under sink filter system. Now, before I go any further, let me make a note that the filter candle is not included with the system. The only reason I’m showing you one is so that you know the type and size of filter that will fit into this filter housing. But the filter element is not included in this system. This filter housing receives any of Doulton’s standard 2 inch diameter 10 inch length, standard nipple length filter elements. So you can install a Sterasyl, a Super Carb an Ultra Carb; any of those in this configuration. It will not receive the extra-long threaded nipple or the gravity filter systems or open both end or double open end cartridges. Now, I’m going to set this off camera so you remember it is not included with the filter system. Now, this system is, of course, stainless steel, and if you’ve been looking for a robust system that is attractive, you’ve found your system. This thing is heavy and well-built and uses great fittings. It uses female quick connect fittings in the 3/8 inch size. Super easy to use; if you’ve never used quick connect fittings, it’s very difficult for me to explain it because they are just amazing and will make installing this system really easy. Now, it does come with the appropriate mounting bracket and the screws, but it does not have an installation kit. So if you’re installing this in a new setting, then you are going to need some additional fittings. You’re going to need water line and a drinking water faucet; all of the necessary installation components are not included. But if you’re replacing an existing system, then you already have those components in place and this is all you need. So depending on your situation you may need to purchase some additional hardware. Now, there’s really not much more to say, this is a high end stainless steel under sink filter system. Let me zoom in here closely and show you all of these components. Again, this is the Doulton W9320007, their stainless steel under sink filter system, and I’m your host Tony the Filter Doctor. Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the Doulton W9320007 here.