GE FX12M Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Today we’re looking at the genuine GE FX12M. This is a proprietary reverse osmosis membrane designed specifically for certain GE RO systems. It fits in the GXRM10, the GXRV10, the PNRV12 and many other GE RO systems. It is NSF Standard 58 certified to do exactly what you’d expect it to do; remove 95 plus percent of total dissolved solids. Now, dissolved solids is nearly everything in your water, some of it is perfectly harmless and some of it is really nasty, and that’s why you have an RO membrane removing 95 plus percent of a vast array of contaminants that are considered dissolved solids. Now, there are two ways you can know when to change your membrane. You could simply change it at least once every two years and you’d be ok. Or, you could use a TDS meter to be a bit more scientific about it. Using a total dissolved solids meter to measure both your unfiltered and your filtered water. And what you’re looking for is a minimum reduction of 75% through your RO system. If your membrane isn’t removing at least 75% of the TDS from your water, it’s exhausted and it needs to be replaced. Now, GE has put together a nice package here and I want to show you a couple of things that they’ve provided. First is this small tube of silicone lubricant. It’s only a small amount but that’s all you need. You need to use this to lubricate the brine seal on the membrane. That’s this black rubber ring that goes around the circumference of the membrane here. It’s important that it be lubricated or when you insert it into the system, things can go wrong. They’ve also included a flow control or flow restrictor and a protective cone screen. Now, they’ve done that because these components are probably getting dissolved minerals precipitating on them and clogging them up in your system, because the water that they touch has not yet gone through the RO membrane. So you should replace the flow control and the cone screen at the same time that you replace your membrane. Again, this is the genuine GE FX12M, and I’m your host Aquaman with Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the GE FX12M here.