GE FX12P Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Today we’re looking at the genuine GE FX12P filter set. Now, these cartridges are an industry standard size, approximately 10 inches long by 2 ½ inches in diameter, which means they will fit into a variety of drinking water filter housings. Though, they are specifically designed for GE systems like, for example, the GXRM10, the GXRV10, the PNRV12 and many other GE RO systems. And in those systems they serve as the pre-filter and the post-filter in that reverse osmosis operation. And in those GE systems they are NSF Standard 58 certified for a long list of really nasty contaminants, including, of course, chlorine taste and odor, sediment, lead, hexavalent chromium, arsenic, microbial cysts and many other nasties that you don’t want in your drinking water. That certification though, only counts if the system is a GE system.

Now, filter life for this set is going to be approximately 900 gallons or six months, whichever comes first. Again, this is the genuine GE FX12P, and I’m your host Aquaman with Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the GE FX12P here.