GE GXULQ Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Today we’re looking at the genuine GE GXULQ. This is a complete under sink drinking water system, designed to filter the cold water to your existing faucet. This system does not require the installation of a secondary drinking water faucet. Now, GE has done a really nice job of putting this system together and I’d like to show you some of the highlights.

For starters, this is the GXULQR replacement cartridge, and it has GE’s proprietary twist and lock, quick change filter technology. Let me show you how it works. This is the valve head mechanism that the filter cartridge goes up into. It is mounted on this bracket which will be screwed to the side of your cabinet underneath the sink. When it’s time to change cartridges, you remove the old cartridge and put the new one in by simply pushing it in place, and twist and lock. It’s that easy. Twist and out to remove, twist and in to install. Super easy. How convenient; anyone could do that.Also, GE has been very thoughtful by putting quick connect fittings on the valve head mechanism and in the plumbing parts that come with this complete installation kit. When you tap into your cold water line; there will be a quick connect fitting there, and quick connect fittings on the inlet and outlet of the valve head.

Now, quick connect fittings are super slick. You literally stab the plastic water line into the quick connect, and the internal mechanism grabs ahold of it and never lets it go and never lets it leak. They are amazing! Also included is this filter change indicator light. It comes complete with batteries and it’s magnetic, so you can stick it to the side of your fridge. When you start using the cartridge, press the start button, and exactly six months from that moment the filter change indicator light will begin to flash, alerting you that it’s time to change your cartridge. Super convenient. GE has put together a great system. It’s NSF Standard 42 certified for the reduction of chlorine taste and odor and sediment; so just basic filtration to remove nasty little odors to make the water nice and crisp and clean and odorless and tasteless like water should be.

Again, this is the genuine GE GXULQ, and I’m your host Aquaman with Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the GE GXULQ here.