Inline Filter Info Video Transcript

Here we have a tape measure, obviously, and here is a piece of 3/8 inch, outside diameter polyethylene tubing. Outside diameter refers to the width across. So take your tape measure and set it next to your water line and measure it for width. This is a piece of 3/8 inch and here is a piece of ¼ inch. Almost always the water line size will correspond to the appropriate size fitting. So if you have 3/8 inch water line you very likely, 95% of the time, have 3/8 inch fittings. In this case here we have a 3/8 inch compression, here is a 3/8 inch quick connect, or if you have ¼ inch, you have your ¼ inch compression or your ¼ inch quick connect fittings.

These inline filters come with those two types of fittings. Here we have an example of threaded fittings. That’s a threaded fitting and that is a ¼ inch and so this ¼ inch unit screws into here and then of course, the water line will be attached to this fitting. Some of these filters come with quick connect fittings. This filter, for example, has built in integrated quick connect fittings, and you do not need to put anything in except for a naked water line. This is a 3/8’s, 3/8 inch water line, directly inserted, that’s it. It’s not going anywhere. Now, these filters come with end caps for dust caps. In the case of quick connect fittings here is a flexible yellow tube. This often gets confused, and people try to install their water line inside of it.
Unfortunately, it’s a perfect fit for a ¼ inch water line but it won’t go anywhere. This has to be removed, and it’s very easy to do that. Just grab a plier and pull it out of there and throw it away. In the case of threaded, you have a cap that simply pops out, and you have your threads underneath. It’s absolutely necessary that these are removed before you can use the filters. Fairly obvious on the ones with threads, but on the quick connect ones it almost looks like the water line would attach to that. You want to make sure to remove that. These can be different colors; they’re white and they’re yellow and sometimes they’re blue. Make sure you remove those.