Katadyn 8013619 Pocket Replacement Filter Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with FilterDoctor.com. Today we’re looking at the Katadyn 8013619. This is the replacement filter kit for the Katadyn Pocket. It includes the ceramic filter element, which is a 0.2 micron silver impregnated ceramic. The silver impregnating makes the filter bacteriostatic so that microorganisms cannot live and grow on the media, and at 0.2 microns this filter has passed the EPA testing certification for microbiological water purification; which tells us that 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and microbial cysts will be removed by this filter media. So you don’t need to worry about salmonella, e coli, cholera, cryptosporidium or giardia. You’re safe from nearly any water source using this filter element. Now, it has a filter life of approximately 13,000 gallons because it is highly reusable, and Katadyn knows this so they’ve provided the green Scotchbrites, two of them in fact, to clean the filter element. Simply run it under running water, scrub the outer surface and reinstall and you’re back in business. Now, measuring the filter for filter life is possible using this red measuring device. Simply take that and try and put it around the filter, when you can finally get this piece around the filter element, the filter element has become too small, too thin, and then needs to be replaced. Katadyn has also provided another replacement O-ring for the pump mechanism on your Pocket and a tube of food grade silicone grease, as well as an outlet hose and the universal bottle clip. So it’s a complete kit. Again, this is the 8013619, the replacement filter kit for the Katadyn Pocket, and I’m your host Aquaman with FilterDoctor.com. Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the Katadyn 8013619 Pocket Replacement Filter here.