Katadyn 8017763 Combi Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with FilterDoctor.com. Today we’re looking at the Katadyn 8017763. This is the Katadyn Combi, an easy to use hand pump filter system, designed specifically for hikers, campers, hunters, fisherman, and other outdoorsy people drawing water out of potentially dangerous sources. It features a granular activated carbon pre-filter and a 0.2 micron silver impregnated ceramic core. In combination, these two filter media remove a vast array of contaminants. In fact, the GAC captures a variety of organic and inorganic chemicals like lindane, atrazine, trihalomethanes, and it removes the funky taste and odor that comes from water that’s not treated. The ceramic core does the heavy lifting, removing 99.99% of viruses, pathogenic bacteria like salmonella, e coli, cholera, and microbial cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia. In fact, the Combi is EPA tested for microbiological water purification. Now, the entire system only weighs twenty one ounces, so it’s perfect for outdoorsy people. Throw it this handy little carrying pack, chuck it in your backpack; and you’re on your way to filtered water no matter where you go. Now, filter life depends on which media we’re talking about. The granular activated carbon is going to last about 50 or 60 gallons; and the system comes out of the box with two packages of GAC. You’ll need one of them right away to fill the empty GAC canister, and then the other one can go in your backpack for when you need it. And changing it is super easy. Watch this. Remove the pump, here’s your GAC container, pop that off, pop the lid off the container, pour your GAC in, put the lid back on, put the GAC container back on, then the pump, twist in place and your back in business. Now, to remove the ceramic filter element you need to use the bottle adaptor, which is normally attached to the bottom of the Combi, and obviously then a water bottle or Nalgene bottle is attached to the bottle adaptor so when you’re pumping, you’re pumping your water into a water bottle holding vessel. But turn this bottle adaptor around the other way and it serves as a removal tool for the ceramic filter cartridge. Now, Katadyn has been really smart here. This red piece is a measuring device to measure the diameter of the filter element. You see, it’s cleanable; it can be washed many many times. You use this green Scotchbrite that they’ve provided, and under running water you scrub the outer surface and then reinstall and you’re back in business. But at some point the filter is going to become so thin that this red measuring device will go around the outside, when that happens it’s so thin that it really needs to be replaced. Back up in, and there it is. Now, they’ve also provided, of course, the water line to get water out of your source. You throw that in your source water and attach this to the barbed nipple; and making sure that the end is submersed, you begin pumping. And then you’re either pumping into a bottle using the bottle adaptor, or you attach a water line to this barbed nipple on the bottom and pump into whatever vessel you want. Now, they’ve also provided replacement O-rings, and food grade silicone grease to lubricate those O-rings. Everything you could need. Now, available separately, not included in the standard Combi kit, but separately, is this counter top add-on kit. So you want to check that out, that’s a separate add-on from the standard Combi. Then it comes with this carrying pack, everything fits in here, throw it in your backpack and you’re in business. It’s a great filter system for anybody outdoorsy drawing water out of a potentially dangerous source. Again, this is the Katadyn Combi, 8017763, and I’m your host Aquaman with FilterDoctor.com. Thanks for watching. 

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