Katadyn Combi Endurance Microfilter 8017763 Video Transcript

The Katadyn Combi is the only outdoor water filter that can be easily converted for use in a recreational vehicle, boat, home, or even an emergency. Most water filter cartridges last around 200 gallons. The Combi filter uses Katadyn’s unique silver ceramic and provides up to 13,000 gallons of fresh drinking water. The Combi filter is very easy to use. Simply, place the pre-filter into untreated water, connect the output to your water container, and pump to filter out harmful micro-organisms and sediment. The Combi filter works in the most challenging conditions and is easily cleaned to restore flow rate. Also, the Combi is unique because it has a replaceable carbon core to keep water tasting fresh and reduce chemicals through the life of the ceramic filter. The Combi is the most versatile water filter. It performs with almost any water container, plus has an optional faucet mount adapter kit for recreational vehicles, boat or home use. The Combi is the best selling emergency preparedness filter in America. 

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