ORP-BUF Buffer and Electrode Testing Solution Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with FilterDoctor.com. Today we’re looking at HM Digital’s ORP-BUF. This is an ORP buffer solution and electrode testing kit designed for use with HM Digital’s ORP-200 ORP meter. Now, if you use an ORP-200 meter for any length of time it’s likely that eventually you’ll need to get this kit, which is sold separately from the meter. See there are a couple of reasons why you might need this kit. First of all, it serves as a testing tool, to test the accuracy of the meter. Now it does come pre-calibrated at 200 millivolts, but you may want to test it to be certain that it’s working properly. Particularly if you get a low battery indicator light, you may want to mix up a 100 ml packet of this solution and test the meters accuracy. As the battery gets to the end of its’ life, it will begin to throw off the accuracy of the reading. So knowing when that’s happening is a good idea then you can change the battery; it does have a very long life battery, but good idea to a keep testing kit around just to be sure it’s accurate. The other reason you’ll need this solution is to recalibrate the meter if you’re measuring fluids at either end of the ORP spectrum. As I indicated, it comes calibrated at 200 millivolts but if you are measuring fluids that have a very low ORP or a very high ORP, you should calibrate the meter closer to that actual spectrum, to that range. The kit comes with five packets of powder designed to make a solution at 92 millivolts, and five other packets designed to give you a solution of 260 millivolts. Now, you can see here; there are the packets, there are ten packets and then three 100 ml bottles. You simply take distilled or deionized water, 100 ml in each bottle, and then mix one packet in that bottle to get the solution that you’re looking for. And this is really important if you’re using the ORP meter for any length of time the calibration can go off, or if you’re measuring at either end of the spectrum. Again, this is the ORP-BUF from HM Digital, an ORP buffer solution and electrode testing kit. I’m your host Aquaman with FilterDoctor.com. Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the ORP-BUF here.