Welcome to the Pentek CW-MF Sediment Filter Video Page.

The Pentek CW-MF is a polypropylene string-wound sediment filter designed to reduce fine sediment from a variety of fluids. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 165° F, the CW-MF, also known as the 155187 is manufactured from a durable polypropylene cord that is wound around a rigid polypropylene core. They are an economical solution to reduce fine sediment, including sand, silt, rust and scale particles. The Pentek / Culligan CW-MF water filters are suitable for a wide variety of sediment filtration applications, including municipal and well water as well as many industrial fluids. 

Pentek CW-MF Sediment Filter Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. The product I have here today is the CW-MF. Now this is very similar to the CW-F, which is a 10 micron version of this filter. This is the 30 micron so slightly more porous, the perfect filter to put in combination with the CW-F. You might have a dual housing system and start with the 30 micron CW-MF and then follow that with the CW-F, so you get slightly more filtration progressively as you go through the two filter housings. It can stand alone, of course. It's sold in a two pack, and is just a standard size cartridge approximately 10 inches long by 2.5 inches in diameter, and it's a basic poly-propylene string wound sediment cartridge. They weave the poly-propylene into a string and then spool the string onto a cartridge. This one is 30 microns which means a speck of milled flour, which is 25 microns in size, would just barely pass through this filter. So it captures things larger than that. Again this is the Pentek CW-MF. I am your host Aquaman. Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the Pentek CW-MF here.