Welcome to the Pentek DGD-5005 and ECP5-BB Filter Comparison Video Page. The DGD5005 water filters have gradient density layers that enhance performance. The Pentek DGD-5005 filter cartridge has a 50 micron pre-filter layer and a 5 micron post-filter layer. The Pentek DGD-5005 reduces the need for multiple housing step-down filtration systems. The DGD-5005 filter cartridge reduces extra-fine dirt, sand, sediment, silt, rust particles, and scale particles and are constructed from pure polypropylene which is bacteriostatic and resistant to chemicals and corrosion. The DGD-5005 water filter has three times the dirt-holding capacity of similar sized sediment water filter cartridges. The Pentek DGD-5005 water filter is the same as the Everpure DEV910844 filter.

The Pentek ECP5-BB water filter cartridge has a special formulation of resin-impregnated cellulose and polyester fibers designed to provide higher wet strength than regular cellulose cartridges. The ECP5-BB cartridge provides high flow rates and dirtholding capacity, yet maintains extremely low pressure drop. The Pentek ECP5BB water filter media is pleated around a polypropylene core and the end caps are vinyl plastisol. The ECP water filter cartridges have more surface area than most competitive cartridges with an impressive 18 square feet of media. The Pentek ECP5-BB replacement filter cartridge is recommended for chlorinated water supplies and NOT recommended for non-chlorinated or otherwise untreated water supplies. Cellulose may start to break down if there is bacteria present in well water or other non-chlorinated water supplies. 

Pentek DGD-5005 & Pentek ECP5-BB Filter Comparison Video Transcript

Welcome to Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET, I’m your host Aquaman and today I have 2 products here that are extremely popular. The DGD-5005 and the ECP5-BB are both in our top ten best selling products list. So, I’m going to set the ECP5 aside for a minute and I want to talk to you about the DGD. This is a polypropylene spun sediment cartridge. It’s made of polypropylene which is shot out of a gun and spooled like cotton candy into a cartridge. It’s made of the exact same material as the older style string wound cartridges, which is polypropylene woven into a string and then spooled onto a cartridge. It just looks like a big spool of string; exact same material and going to have very similar performance. If you’ve used the one, you can use the other, and you probably won’t notice a difference. The DGD-5005 and all polypropylene spun cartridges have 2 things going for them. One is; this particular type of cartridge is bacteriostatic. Bacteria and other microorganisms will not grow on this filter, so it can be used with untreated water. Well water, if you’re pumping water from a lake or a stream or if you have a cistern that collects rain water, you can use this kind of filter and not have to worry about microorganism growth. The other thing is; they have a very heavy loading capacity because they are a depth filter. The particulate is not merely captured on the outside surface area; it’s captured throughout the depth of the media. Now this version of a poly spun, the DGD series are a dual gradient density; DGD (dual gradient density). So they start out at a certain level and they end up at a tighter level. The 5005, as you might imagine, begins at 50 microns and becomes more dense and tighter to the center where it ends up at 5 microns. It has some brothers and sisters; there is the DGD-7525 with a 75 micron outer and 25 micron inner, and the much tighterDGD-2501 with a 25 micron outer and 1 micron inner. They’re the exact same thing except for the micron rating; perfect for untreated water. Now the ECP is a pleated cellulose cartridge, and it’s literally made from cellulose which is plant matter or paper. It’s going to be inappropriate; not to be used on untreated water, because microorganisms will feed on this material and love to live there. So don’t use this if you have untreated water, but for chlorinated supplies, if you’re doing your own chlorinating on your well, or if you live on a municipal supply and almost every municipal supply in the country has chlorine added to it to kill microorganisms, this is perfect for you. It has a great surface are because of the many, many pleats. This one is rated at 5 microns, and it too has brothers and sisters that are the exact same filter just a different micron rating. The S1-BB is 20 micron pleated cellulose, and the ECP1-BB is a 1 micron cartridge; all are the exact same thing except for the micron rating. These are perfect for any treated water supply. They are just sediment filters; both of these types of filters are designed to remove particulate from the water, they’re not going to do anything for taste and odor problems. If you have an Iron problem they will capture the oxidized iron particles that have already precipitated out of the water solution, and if you have sand or silt, if you’ve got a newly drilled well you’re probably churning up a lot of particulate matter that this is the perfect filter for. They are 10 inches long by 4.5 inches in diameter. They fit inside of what we affectionately have nicknamed the 10 inch Big Blue filter housing, though the housing doesn’t have to be blue, it’s just an industry nickname. There are many industry standard housings that receive these 10 inch long 4.5 inch diameter cartridges. They are just great cartridges; they’re a great size, they’re not too small that they’re going to inhibit flow, and yet they’re not the big 20 inch version that you might need if you have higher demand for flow rates or more restrooms in the home, or whatever the case might be, whatever the application that you would need more flow, you would have to go to the larger, but this is a nice intermediate size. So we’ve got the poly spun and we’ve got the pleated cellulose. I’m your host Aquaman and thanks for watching. 

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