Pentek FloPlus-20BB Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Today we’re looking at the Pentek FloPlus-20BB, also known as the 455906-43. This is an industry standard size cartridge approximately 20 inches long by 4 ½ inches in diameter, which means it’s going to fit into many standard whole house filter housings, like for example, the 20BB, commonly known as the Big Blue. Now the FloPlus 20-BB utilizes Pentek’s unique Fiberdyne modified carbon block technology to provide a 0.5 micron carbon block that has the same flow rate characteristics as a 10 micron carbon block. So you get a .5 micron filter that acts like a 10 micron carbon block, with significantly less flow restriction and pressure loss than you would expect from a .5 micron filter. In fact this cartridge is capable of removing microorganisms and is NSF Standard 53 certified for the reduction of cryptosporidium and giardia. So, this filter is unique, it’s not for everyone, it’s where you need that microorganism capture or that .5 micron density, and you don’t want to suffer the flow restriction and pressure loss of a typical .5 micron filter. Now, of course, the FloPlus-20BB is also a carbon filter, so it removes chlorine and is in fact rated for 50,000 gallons of chlorine reduction. But you need to be careful there, if you have a sediment situation and you’re not dealing with that before it gets to the carbon filter, this filter with the .5 micron porosity will probably clog long before the carbon is truly exhausted. So be sure to use sediment filters before this cartridge if you want to use it for chlorine reduction. Again, this is the Pentek FloPlus-20BB, and I’m your host Aquaman with Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the Pentek FloPlus-20BB here.