Welcome to the Pentek HT-10 High Temperature Water Filter Video Page. The Pentek HT-10, also known as the 150015, is an excellent alternative to stainless and carbon steel filter vessels in high temp. applications. manufactured from durable glass-reinforced nylon, the HT-10 can withstand temperatures up to 160°F. With excellent chemical compatibility the Pentek 150015 housing is the ideal choice for a wide variety of industrial applications including those involving organic solvents, sea water, alcohol, petroleum and vegetable oils. 

Pentek HT-10 High Temperature Water Filter Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with ”Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. Today’s product is the HT-10 high temperature housing. Now obviously a high temperature housing is designed to be used on the hot water lines. This system can handle temperatures in excess of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, so extremely hot water. Most residential applications won’t have water any hotter than 140 degrees, so well beyond that capacity. You’re going to need high temperature filters to go inside of this, and so there are some that are designed for that. For example this WP-5 is good to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a 5 micron polypropylene string wound sediment cartridge, and if you are looking for taste and odor improvement an example would be the EPM-10 which is good to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a 10 micron carbon block, and of course this is an industry standard size housing that receives the 10 inch long 2.5 inch diameter cartridges. It does use a unique O-ring, let me see if I can get it to pop out here. This is not your typical O-ring material, it’s a special high temperature, not rubber, I believe it’s Viton O-ring, appropriate for high temperature applications. (It's actually #241 FDA grade silicone. Apparently Aquaman is merely human.) You use the same lubricant, the silicone, food grade silicone grease, but different O-ring. If you go to replace it, it’s not your standard O-ring. It has ¾ inch female pipe thread inlet/outlet and there are lots of applications where you might use this. One method for use is to filter boiler water. If you’re getting build up of scale, you can capture some of that scale in a high temperature housing like this. Also those high temperature hot water heaters, the kind that sit outside and you burn wood or garbage in them and it pumps the water into pipes that go into the home. In some cases the water in those systems needs to be filtered and you need a high temperature system like this. There are other applications. If you are unable to use a water softener to deal with your scale problem, sometimes you’ll get scale particulate that comes out of your hot water heater and it ends up clogging the screens on your faucets and shower head, you could install a filter housing like this after; post water heater so that you can capture the precipitate that comes out of the water from the hot water heater. So a number of ways it can be used, but don’t try and use a regular housing on a high temperature water line, because it will destroy the housing in short order and possibly burst and flood your home. This is the HT-10. I’m your host Aquaman, thanks for watching! 

See detailed specifications and purchase the Pentek HT-10 here.