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Designed to offer better flow rates and lower pressure loss than poly spun or poly string wound cartridges, thePentek R30-BB, also known as the 155101, is a 30 micron pleated polyester water filter perfect for both treated and untreated water sources. Best of all, the R30-BB is washable and can be reused 3-5 times depending on the circumstances. 

Pentek R30-BB Sediment Filter Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET.. Today's product is the R30-BB. This is an industry standard size cartridge approximately 10 inches long, by 4.5 inches in diameter. This cartridge is a pleated non-cellulose polyester. Now, the big deal here is that, pleated cellulose, this is not pleated cellulose, pleated cellulose can be infected by microorganisms in untreated water. But, pleated filters offer better flow than polypropylene string wound, polypropylene spun or some other filters. So, if you want pleated performance, but you have untreated water, then you need to go with pleated polyester. And that's what this is. And it has a number of benefits. First, I just explained, it will not harbor bacteria. The media is bacteriostatic. Secondly, it's going to have greater flow and less pressure loss than poly spun and poly string wound cartridges. And, pleated polyester is washable. Yes, you heard me correctly. Now, this is not infinitely reusable, it will wear out eventually. You'll probably get 3-5 washes out of it at most, and, each time you take it out and wash it off, the performance will deteriorate slightly, but in many cases, it's not significant enough to matter, and so, it's a great way to get more economy out of your filter. They are a little more expensive up front, obviously because they are reusable and more durable and the polyester media is a more expensive media. But, the re-usability factor makes them less expensive, even less expensive than pleated cellulose. So, pleated polyester, this is a 30 micron cartridge, as I indicated, industry standard size, fits inside you know the 10 inch big blue, the HD-950, and many other standard 10 inch by 4.5 inch filter housings. 30 microns, speck of milled flour is 25, so that will just barely pass through. This will capture thing's larger than that, so really good for the heavy large sediment particles, before you filter down to something tighter. Great way to, you know put a filter system together with one of these in the first stage to capture all the heavy sediment and big particles, and then follow it with the smaller, or rather a tighter filter, maybe 5 microns, and then a carbon cartridge after that. This one being reusable, takes a heavy dose of the load work, or the work load, and can be washed, saving the 5 micron and the more expensive carbon filter, from abuse that they don't have to take, because this one's doing the hard work. So this is the R30-BB from Pentek. And I’m your host Aquaman. Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the Pentek R30-BB here.