Pro Chemicals HP41N Pro Neutra Sul is formulated to remove the hydrogen sulfide gas that causes rotten egg smell and pollutants from any water supply through oxidation. ProChemical Neutra Sul is a blend of Hydrogen Peroxide 7% solution and will prevent the formation of colors, tastes, corrosion and scaling by pollution degradation. Neutra Sul is superior to hydrogen peroxide because Neutra Sul has a stabilizer which keeps the active percent of peroxide at 7% over time. Benefits of Pro Chemicals Neutra Sul are that it is non flammable, it decomposes into oxygen and water, it's more powerful than chlorine and potassium permanganate, and there is no odor. Pro Neutra Sul is NSF Certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water additives. 

Pro Products Neutra Sul HP41N Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. Today's product from Pro Products, is Neutra Sul. Now Neutra Sul is a 7% hydrogen peroxide solution, and this is a very strong oxidizing agent. It's typically fed into the water through a chemical feed pump. This happens to be a liquid formula of course, and it's going to oxidize things. It’s especially good at oxidizing hydrogen sulfide, causes that nasty rotten egg smell. It could also oxidize a number of other things depending on the specific water chemistry and you know based on your chemical feed pump and your specific situation if you can use a hydrogen peroxide based oxidizing agent. If you can, then Neutra Sul is an option for you, and just a great way, to oxidize some of those problem situations. Hydrogen sulfide is a particularly bad one, and a variety of other odors that can be neutralized and oxidized with Neutra Sul. It's from Pro Products. It's an American made product and it's available now at WaterFilters.NET. I'm your host Aquaman and thanks for watching. 

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