Pro Rust Out softener rust remover chemically removes iron and rust build-up that coats the resin beds and fouls the softener. Using Rust Out in the water softener will eliminate rust and foreign matter from the resin bed which will increase the life of the water softener and reduces surface staining on household fixtures. Use the RO12N Rust Out softener rust remover regularly as preventative maintenance to ensure softening and recharging efficiency of the softener's resin bed. Pro Rust Out Iron Remover can also be used to clean tough rust stains from toilets, sinks, tubs, white clothes and exterior surfaces. You can poor Rust Out directly into toilets, sinks, and bathtubs to clean. 

Pro Products Rust Out RO12N Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. Today's product is from Pro Products, and it is, Rust Out. Rust Out is a water softener resin cleaner, specifically designed for well water, or water that is iron bearing. If you have iron in your water you probably know it. It's commonly the culprit behind those nasty iron stains in your toilet bowls, or in your tub or even in your laundry sometimes. And if your softener is working properly and you have low levels of iron, your softener should be able to handle it. But what happens is, the softener resin does not want to fully let go off all of the iron that it captures, and the resin becomes fouled. Now, if you catch it early enough, you can fix that problem. So, do it right away, don't wait until the problem arises, use Rust Out. Layer 4 ounces of this powder, in the salt. Every bag of salt, you put 4 ounces of this, then you pour in another bag of salt, 4 ounces of this, another bag of salt, 4 ounces of this, and then it'll work its way into the system, through the brine well, through the salt solution. And it helps clean the resin thoroughly, removing that iron, and eliminating that iron problem, helping your softener do its job is really what it's about, because when the softener resin gets fouled, it doesn't remove the iron properly, and that's when the staining occurs and that's what drives you crazy. So, it helps keep your resin doing what it's supposed to do. It's really designed for well water because that's the kind of water that typically will have an iron problem. So check this out at WaterFilters.NET, it's from Pro Products, they’re American made products, for well water with iron in it, for your water softener. I'm your host Aquaman. Thanks for watching. 

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