Welcome to the Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing MH09-1812WH Video Page. The MH09-1812WH RO Membrane Housing can be used with most 11.75" to 12" reverse osmosis membrane elements. This Reverse Osmosis Membrane housing utilizes a flat gasket and an o-ring to ensure a true double o-ring seal. With a thicker body for greater durability and a stronger membrane cup design to prevent cracking, the MH09-1812WH is simply built to last. If you do not have a standard size RO membrane, you can easily replace your membrane housing with this membrane housing. Standard RO Membranes are usually less expensive than special proprietary sized membranes. This RO membrane housing has standard 1/8 threaded ports. There is one 1/8" threaded inlet port on one end and two 1/8" threaded outlet ports on the opposite end of the membrane housing. 

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing MH09-1812WH Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. This product today is a membrane housing. Part # MH09-1812-WH. Now this is an industry standard size membrane housing. Now, what do I mean by that? Well, just about all membranes, except for those unique proprietary membranes from certain brand name systems, almost all have gone to an industry standard size membrane, which means if you have an older system and youre having trouble finding a replacement membrane, you can simply change the membrane housing and then buy an industry standard size membrane. Now, let me show you what I mean by this. This is a TFM-50, its a 50 gallon per day membrane, and it is a precise size that fits inside of this membrane housing. Over here I have a TFM-100, now this is a 100 gallon per day membrane but its the exact same size and fits inside of the same filter housing, and there are several others that will also fit inside this membrane housing that are industry standard size. So, if youre having difficulty finding the correct membrane for your system, dont worry about it. Buy a new membrane housing; theyre not that expensive, its very easy to install, its going to be just like what you have right now. One inlet on the one end and two outlets on the other end, one for good water and one for drain water, and thats it. Then buy an industry standard size membrane that you can get and replace very easily going forward, because everyone is making them this size now, its going to be decades before we see any changes. Now, the one thing you need to concern yourself with is the flow restrictor on your system. Now, what is a flow restrictor? The two outlets on this end, one of them is a drain line that goes to the drain obviously. If there were not a flow restrictor on that water line, all the water would take the path of least resistance, and all of it would go down the drain. None of it would push through the membrane by pressure and end up on the good water side. So, every system, without exception has a flow restrictor, or its sometimes called a control valve, on the drain line that exits the membrane housing. So, if you are changing your system, then you either need to use the existing flow restrictor in the new housing or you need to purchase the appropriate one to go with your membrane. Now there are two types of flow restrictors, there is the quick connect external variety. This has quick connect fittings on either end, and its simply water line in, water line out and the restrictor is built into this device. Then there are the capillary style flow restrictors. Ill pop one out of this zip loc baggie. Theyre very small. Maybe you can see it against that white backdrop there. Its just a small capillary, its like a little tube. This installs inside the end of the water line that then attaches to this exit, to this outlet on this membrane housing. And obviously not very much water can get through here and so its going to create pressure thats going to force water through the membrane so that water gets to the good side. But you need to match the gallon per day rating of your membrane with your flow restrictor. If you have a 50 gallon per day membrane, you need a 50 gallon per day flow restrictor. If you have a 100 gallon per day membrane, you need a 100 gallon per day flow restrictor. So, if youre changing out your membrane housing remember to check into your flow restrictor. You either need to use the one you have and then buy the appropriate gallon per day rated membrane to match your existing flow restrictor, or you need to buy a new one to match whatever new gallon per day rating membrane you purchase. So, this is the MH09-1812-WH membrane housing, and its an industry standard size. You can use this to replace your membrane if youre having trouble finding the appropriate replacement. That happens a lot on older systems. Im your host Aquaman and thanks for watching! 

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