Reverse Osmosis Reservoir Tank Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Today were looking at the ROT-25P. This is a replacement, reverse osmosis system holding tank. Its sometimes called a bladder tank, because it has an internal pressure bladder. This one is a 4.5 gallon size, but the actual internal capacity is 3.2 gallons because that pressure bladder takes up some of the capacity. Now this one is NSF standard 58 certified for materials and structure, which means you can trust its not leaching things into your water, and it can withstand the type of pressure that is common for use with an RO system. It comes pre-charged, so you dont need to add or take away any pressure; just simply connect it to your system. It comes with this tank stand; if it didnt have that it would just wobble around under your kitchen sink. The top connection piece is an industry standard size, inch male pipe thread. If youre replacing a defective tank, just unscrew the old ball valve and put it right back on the new tank. But, if youre purchasing a new ball valve, make sure you check the size of the incoming water line. It could be one of two sizes; either 3/8s or inch outside diameter, thats the width. Check that and get the appropriate ball valve to match your water lines. Now, why are you going to replace this tank? Well, there are two main problems that happen with RO systems, and one of them is a defective tank. They go bad; the bladder inside can burst or it can just develop a slow flow leak. So, if you go to the tap and try to get reverse osmosis water and you dont get any water, immediately, the first thing you should do is check your tank. Take a tire pressure gauge, the same thing that you use on a bike tire and come to the Schrader valve on the front of the tank, and measure the pressure. When this tank is full with water you should get 35 to 40 psi. If you know the tank is full and you get a number of pressure significantly lower than that, its very likely the pressure bladder inside has burst, the tank is shot, and it needs to be replaced. Again, this is the ROT-25P, a replacement Reverse Osmosis system holding tank, and Im your host Aquaman with Thanks for watching. 

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