SP-5 TDS & Temp Sensor w/4 pin Connector Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with FilterDoctor.com. Today we’re looking at the HM Digital SP-5. The SP-5 is a single probe sensor for TDS and temperature. It comes with a single, 4 pin connection. Now, this product does not necessarily fit any of the current HM Digital products. HM Digital makes a variety of sensor probes that are usable on other brand systems. So if you need a TDS and temperature sensor that has a single 4 pin connector, you should look closely at the SP-5. See, what happens over time is these probes collect minerals, calcium build-up and magnesium build-up, and other minerals get on there and cause them to corrode and eventually to fail. When that happens, they need to be replaced. Again, this is the SP-5; it is a TDS and temperature sensor with a single 4 pin connection. I’ll zoom in here closely for you to see it. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the SP-5 here.