SteriPen Classic UV Water Purifier Kit Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Tony the Filter Doctor here. Today we’re looking at the SteriPen Classic UV Water Purifier. It’s really a very simple concept. The Classic uses powerful germicidal UV light to zap microorganisms and kill or render them completely harmless. Now, this unit comes with a bottle and a pre-filter, and the pre-filter is important because sediment is the enemy of UV light. Those UV rays are trying to penetrate through the water to zap microorganisms but they get blocked by small particles of sediment. By pre-filtering, you remove the majority of that sediment out of the way so that the UV rays can effectively penetrate and do their job. You simply take the bottle, attach the pre-filter, then open the air valve and submerge it under the water or run water through the pre-filter into the bottle. Then insert the SteriPen Classic into the bottle and fifty seconds later sixteen ounces of water will be purified, and ninety seconds later a whole liter of water will be purified. Used correctly the SteriPen Classic exceeds the US EPA standard for microbiological water purifiers, and is capable of destroying 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.9% of protozoa. The unit is lightweight and compact and is perfect for anyone traveling, or hiking, or doing really anything outdoors where you have a water source of unknown quality and you need to be sure that you zap those microorganisms before they zap you. Again, this is the SteriPen Classic UV Water Purifier, and I’m your host Tony the Filter Doctor. Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the SteriPen Classic UV Kit here.