SteriPen Sidewinder Hand Powered UV Water Purifier Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Tony the Filter Doctor here. Today we’re looking at the SteriPen Sidewinder Hand Powered UV Water Purifier. This is a truly unique product. There are no batteries, no power cords, you simply open up the hand crank and make your own electricity to power the small UV bulb. And the concept is basically the same as all other SteriPen products. It uses a small UV bulb to apply powerful germicidal UV rays to the water and kill or render microorganisms completely harmless. You simply fill this bottle with water through the pre-filter and then attach your filled bottle to the Sidewinder, screw it down nice and firm and start cranking, and do that for about 90 seconds. After 90 seconds have passed, you have effectively zapped all of the microorganisms in this one liter bottle. Now the bottle is made from 100% Tritan BPA free plastic so you don’t have to worry about it leaching, and if used correctly this unit exceeds the US EPA Standard for microbiological water purification and, in fact, destroys 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.9% of protozoa. It will zap those microorganisms before they can zap you. This unit is very durable and capable of producing 8,000 one liter doses of UV light. If you dosed four liters of water per day, every day, you would get five years of use out of this unit. Now please note that pre-filtering is strongly recommended, and that’s why the unit comes with this pre-filter. You see sediment in water will block the penetration of UV rays, making them ineffective. So pre-filtering removes that sediment out of the way so the UV rays can penetrate and effectively do their job. The unit is highly portable and compact and lightweight. It’s perfect for outdoor activities, for travelers, and especially for emergencies. Now, I would recommend any SteriPen UV water purifier to be in an emergency preparedness kit but I would especially recommend this unit. This is the quintessential emergency product because if there ever is a severe emergency, one of the first things to disappear off of the shelves of Walmart will be the batteries. And if you don’t have batteries you can’t run most UV water purifiers. But that won’t be a problem with the Sidewinder. As long as your arm is working, you can produce your own electricity and purify your own water. Again, it is the SteriPen Sidewinder Hand Powered UV Water Purifier, and I’m your host Tony the Filter Doctor. Thanks for watching. 

See detailed specifications and purchase the SteriPen Sidewinder here.