Trojan UV Max Video Transcript

Welcome to the Trojan UV Max product demo. The Trojan UV Max is the proven way to safeguard your drinking water. It uses ultra violet light to treat water for every tap, fully protecting you from bacteria and viruses. Let’s take a look around the product. Our safety cap prevents children from accessing the lamp or electrical components. The special lamp plug ensures that no one can power the UV lamp if it’s not in the UV chamber. The optional sensor detects when the quality of your water source has changed, and your water is no longer being purified properly. It features a button that, when pressed, confirms the proper operation of the sensor. Using a sophisticated 3D modeling process we’ve designed a compact UV chamber that delivers maximum purification, and can fit just about anywhere in your home. Annual lamp replacement couldn’t be easier and doesn’t require any tools. Simply remove the safety cap and lamp plug, unscrew the lamp sleeve assembly and replace with a new lamp. The lamp timer starts at 365 and counts down the days to annual lamp replacement. This feature will never let you forget to perform this easy yet important maintenance procedure. Once annual lamp replacement is completed, press the lamp timer reset button to restart the lamp timer. Lights on the power supply show the status of each system component so, at a glance, you can confirm that your water is purified properly. Warning lights appear when system maintenance is required. If a warning alarm sounds, simply press the mute button to silence the alarm. Conveniently located behind the power supply, the reference card outlines the most important system functions and maintenance for your quick on the spot questions. Install a Trojan UV Max ultra violet light water purification system and drink with confidence.

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