Culligan ZT-2 TDS Meter Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Aquaman here with Today were looking at the HM Digital ZT-2. This is a TDS meter. Now, TDS stands for total dissolved solids. There is a great deal of total dissolved solids in your water, there are some things that technically are not dissolved in your water but the majority of things that are in your water are dissolved there. Using a TDS meter allows you to measure the amount of those dissolved solids. Now, the EPA has a standard; it is 500 parts per million, anything above that cannot be considered potable drinking water. So, you want to measure your TDS, and you especially want to measure your TDS if you own an RO system, a reverse osmosis system, or a demineralizing or deionization filter system. Because without the help of a TDS meter, you cant possibly know when your membrane in the RO system, or the DI filter in your demineralizing system are exhausted and need to be replaced. You need a TDS meter to measure the water before it goes in to get a baseline, and then measure it after its gone through the system, and compare the numbers and make sure that youre getting a sufficient reduction. For reverse osmosis systems, you want a minimum 75% reduction of total dissolved solids. If your membrane is not removing at least that much TDS then you need to replace the membrane because its exhausted. And the same thing is true with your DI system, and you may even want a higher level of reduction from your DI system, depending on the type of system it is. But you cant possibly know those numbers without the help of a TDS meter. Now, the ZT-2 is nothing fancy, this is a no frills, basic meter. Its great for residential applications, simple drinking water systems, but if you have a more demanding application or you want a few more features from your TDS meter then you probably want to get a better model, an upgrade, from this and HM Digital offers several that are superior to this. This is their bottom end, basic residential TDS meter. It is the ZT-2. Im your host Aquaman with Thanks for watching.

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