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American Hydro Systems 2677 Rid-o-Rust Calcium Stain Preventer

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Scale is the enemy, and calcium is primarily responsible for scale. Calcium Stain Preventer is designed to defeat the enemy and keep your irrigation lines free of flow reducing and energy robbing scale buildup. Plus, it will put an end to those irritating water spots that get on your vehicles and other hard surfaces. Fed into your sprinkler system through a feeder system or chemical feed pump, Calcium Preventer will be some of the best preventive maintenance money can buy. The American Hydro Systems Rid-o-Rust Calcium Stain Preventer inhibits calcium scale buildup. Protects irrigation lines from flow reducing scale. Reduces water spots on hard surfaces.
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsAmerican Hydro Systems
Manufacturer's Id2677
Container Size (oz)64 oz

Reduced Contaminants