American Plumber WDGD-5005 Polypropylene Water Filters

Price $100.00
Availability: Discontinued
  • American Plumber WDGD-5005 water filters can be used in all big blue, big clear, big boy, and heavy-duty water filter housings that use 10 inch L x 4.5 inch W water filters
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The American Plumber WDGD-5005 water filter replacement cartridge is used to reduce sediment, sand, and silt. The WDGD-5005 is dual gradient reducing sediment down to 50 microns and then to 5 microns. Dual-Gradient Density Polypropylene, 5 Micron, 10-inch length. The American Plumber WDGD-5005 is made by Pentek (Pentair Inc.) and is the same filter as the Pentek DGD-5005 water filter.

Reduced Contaminants


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