American Plumber WWHC Whole House Filtration System

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The American Plumber WWHC filter system is a whole house system that utilizes sediment and taste/odor filtration. This system is designed to filter all the water that will go through the pipes. Sand, dirt, silt and chlorine taste and odor are among the substances that can be treated by this system. The American Plumber WWHC whole house water filter system is a high-flow, two-housing system. The 1 inch porting allows for flow rates up to 8 GPM. Reduces bad taste and odor and chlorine taste & odor for up to 75,000 gallons. Jumbo sized sediment cartridges remove up to 8 times more sediment than standard sized pleated cartridges. The system is completely assembled and ready to install. Any 20-inch x 4.5 inch water filters can be used in the WWHC two-housing system. You can choose the filters based on your water filtration needs. The American Plumber WWHC whole house filtration system is made by Pentek (Pentair Inc.) and is the same system as the Pentek BBFS-22 whole house filtration system. Pentek also makes a three-housing system called the Pentek BBFS-222 water filter system. Upgrade to the BBFS-222 for even more whole house water filtration.
Actual Size (in) 26 1/2 inches (length) x 15 1/4 inches (width) x 8 1/2 inches (depth)
Actual Size (cm) 67.31 x 38.735 x 21.59
Filter Life (gallons) 75,000
Filter Life (liters) 283,905.75
Micron Rating (Nominal) 25
Operating Pressure (psi) 30 - 90
Operating Temperature (°F) 40 - 100
Operating Temperature (°C) 4.4 - 37.8
Flow Rate (gpm) 8
Flow Rate (lpm) 30.28
Fitting Type NPT
Fitting Size (inches) 1 inch

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