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Ametek RO-2300 Reverse Osmosis System

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Ametek RO-2300 Reverse Osmosis System

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We distribute replacement water filters for the Ametek RO-2300A Reverse Osmosis System. The Ametek RO-2300 RO System has three separate filtration stages. The Ametek RO-2300 RO System and Ametek Kleen-Plus RO-2300AT Reverse Osmosis System contain two replacement filters and one membrane.
  • Ametek WSRO10C Reverse Osmosis System Stages:
  • Stage 1: The P5-10-WF 5 Micron Sediment Filter Set: Removes dirt, sediment, sand, and other physical particles. Replace every 2 months depending on water quality.

  • Stage 2: The IC10-14C-WF PostFilter. Replace every 6 months.

  • Stage 3: The original RO membrane CTAB-2-10HF has been discontinued. You will need to replace your RO membrane housing AND your CTAB-2-10HF RO membrane with a standard size RO Membrane Housing AND standard size RO membrane. The standard size membrane housing MH09-1812WH is listed below. This is a white housing that holds the RO membrane. The standard size RO membrane CTA-16 is also listed below. Both of these items will need to be purchased and installed in place of your current RO membrane housing and RO membrane. RO Membrane life up to 2 years depending on water quality.
  • Ametek RO-2300 Reverse Osmosis System Parts & Accessories:
  • Order the OR-38 replacement o-rings for the three slim line reverse osmosis housing sumps. The o-rings should be replaced every couple of filter changes.
  • Order the o-ring lubricant to help lubricate the o-rings at each filter change.
  • Order the SW-1 wrench to help remove the housing sumps when replacing the filters. Do not use the wrench to tighten the sumps. The sumps should be hand tightened.
  • When needed, order this RO Tank to replace your existing RO Tank.
  • Ametek KleenPlus RO-2300AT Water Filter Change Intervals:
  • The filter change interval will vary due to your water quality and the amount of water used.