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AP917HD Whole House Water Filter Replacement by 3M Aqua-Pure

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  • Activated Carbon Block with Non-Woven Pleat Media
  • FDA approved 5-micron filter construction
  • Replace every 12 months or 100,000 gallons for best results
  • Designed to fit AP903 3M Aqua-Pure whole house filtration system
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Whole house filtration that begs reduction of sediment, chlorine taste and odor calls for the AP917HD water filter replacement by 3M Aqua-Pure. Created with the user in mind, this filter is manufactured from FDA adherent materials along with Sanity Quick Change (SQC) for simple replacement. Activated Carbon Block with Non-Woven Pleat filter media tackles contaminants as small as 5 micron and still has durability enough to require change only once annually to ensure effectiveness. Order today!
Package Qty 1
Used In Brands Aqua-Pure
Manufacturer's Id 5621006
UPC 016145252303
Advertised Size (in) 25-1/16 x 4-1/2
Media Activated Carbon Block with Non-Woven Pleat Media
Primary Filter Media Activated Carbon Block
Filter Life (gallons) 100,000
Filter Life (liters) 378,541.18
Filter Life (months) 12 months
Micron Rating (Nominal) 5
Operating Pressure (psi) 25 - 125
Operating Temperature (°F) 40 - 100
Operating Temperature (°C) 4.4 - 37.8
Flow Rate (gpm) 20
Flow Rate (lpm) 75.71
Warranty Guarantee 1-year limited warranty

Reduced Contaminants

The AQUA-PURE-AP917HD reduces the following contaminants:

  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Particulates
  • Rust and Corrosion

The AQUA-PURE-AP917HD is comparable with the following part numbers

10U923 40161502
AP917HD AP917-HD
AP917HD-S AP917-HD-S

The AQUA-PURE-AP917HD fits the following model numbers


Installation Guide

User Guide


  1. Before changing cartridge, turn off water supply. Place a bucket under filter to catch the small amount of water that will run out after housing removal.
  2. Close shut-off valve upstream of filter system, leaving downstream shut-off valve open.
  3. Open a faucet downstream of the filtration system to depressurize system.
  4. Slide cartridge locking latch to the right and lift up.
  5. With both hands, twist out filter cartridge by turning unit 90° to the left and down.
  6. Install new replacement cartridge into head by pushing cartridge up and turning to the right until locking latch clicks into place.
  7. Slowly open upstream shut-off valve until filtration system fills with water.
  8. Slowly open downstream shut-off valve. Flush at least ten (10) gallons through system before use.

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