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Aqua Fresh WF283 Inline Water Filter

Price $100.00
Availability: - Free Shipping
The Aqua Fresh WF283 Refrigerator Filter is designed to meet or exceed the OEM filter that it replaces. Each Aqua Fresh water filter is 100% pressure tested in the OEM receiver that the filter is designed to fit. The AquaFresh WF283 filters reduce rust, sediment, chlorine taste and odor from water. Aqua Fresh WF283 refrigerator filters are universal inline water filters that are an excellent choice for icemakers, coffee makers, and water dispensers and can be used for residential and light commercial applications. The Aqua Fresh WF283 refrigerator filter cartridge operates on little as 20 PSI pessure. The AquaFresh WF283 should be replaced annually or every 1500 gallons depending on your water quality and usage. The AquaFresh WF-283 uses a super compacted activated carbon media that filters to 5 microns, similar to the WF271 inline filter. There is 150% more carbon media in a WF283 than a standard 10-inch water filter. This combined with a push in 1/4-inch connection makes the Aqua Fresh WF 283 high quality inline filter an excellent choice. The Aqua Fresh WF283 can replace the Whirlpool 4378411.