3M Aqua-Pure AP-WRNCH 68434-32C Water Filter Housing Wrench

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Availability: Discontinued
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Use the 3M Aqua-Pure 68434-32C Spanner Housing Wrench for twisting off the water filter housing canister or sump. Do NOT use the 3M Aqua-Pure 68434-32C Wrench to tighten the water filter housing sump. Over-tightening the sump can cause damage to the o-rings and make reopening the water filter housing sump difficult. You should only hand tighten the housing sump. The 3M Aqua-Pure 68434-32C Wrench can be used on many 3M Aqua-Pure Standard Housings.
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Used In Brands Aqua-Pure
Manufacturer's Id 68434-32C
UPC 016145015038
Actual Size (in) 3 3/4 inches (inside diameter)
Actual Size (cm) 9.525

Reduced Contaminants

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