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Aquatec ERP-1000 Permeate Pump

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The Aquatec ERP-1000 Permeate Pump is a non-electrical, energy-saving device which dramatically improves RO system efficiency. This is a turbine pump that uses the pressure of the waste water to pump the product drinking water into the storage tank. This protects the membrane from the back flow pressure of the tank, maintaining maximum osmotic pressure. Great for low pressure applications, including inlet water pressures as low as 30 PSI. The Aquatec ERP-1000 Permeate Pump increases product tank pressure (up to 95% of feed pressure). 'Permeate' is the product water, the purified water that has passed through the reverse osmosis membrane. The water that is rejected by the membrane, the waste water, is called brine. The Aquatec ERP-1000 permeate pump is designed for undersink reverse osmosis units and uses the hydro power of the brine to pump the permeate into the storage tank. The Aquatec ERP1000 decreases product tank fill time by up to 65%, and reduces drain wastewater by up to 80% making it Eco Friendly. The Aquatec ERP-1000 permeate pump is designed for Reverse Osmosis Systems rated from 10 to 100 GPD. Use of the ERP-1000 Permeate Pump improves membrane life and system performance. Prevents 'membrane TDS creep' providing better quality water. Use of the permeate pump ERP-1000 provides higher pressure in holding tank giving you greater flow out of the faucet. The Aquatec ERP-1000 is used for energy recovery in RO applications. It increases efficiency by as much as 400%.
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsAquatec
Manufacturer's IdERP-1000
Operating Temperature (°F)32 - 140
Operating Temperature (°C)0 - 60
Fitting Size (inches)1/4 inch
Warranty Guarantee2 year warranty

Reduced Contaminants

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  1. The Aquatec ERP-1000 Permeate Pump requires horizontal mounting with both outlet ports in the highest position to allow any trapped air to be purged automatically
  2. The Aquatec ERP-1000 permeate pump can be added to any standard Reverse Osmosis System
  3. The Aquatec ERP-1000 Permeate Pump is not compatible with manifold systems