Automatic Shut-Off Valve ASV-ERP-JG for Permeate Pumps

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Use this Auto Shut Off Valve with residential Reverse Osmosis Systems with a permeate pump. The Auto Shut Off Valve is designed to shut off at approximately 78%-84% of supply line pressure. This means that when the tank pressure reaches approximately 78%-84% of the incoming line pressure, the ASO Valve will shut off production. Standard Reverse Osmosis Systems auto shut-off valves cut the water supply when tank pressure is at 65% of feed water pressure. To maximize the Permeate Pump efficiency, we recommend replacing the existing shut-off valve with this valve which will allow the tank to pressurize to an average of 78-84% of feed water pressure. This ASOV is highly recommended in low water pressure applications. Recommended use only with Permeate Pumps. All tube connections are 1/4-Inch Quick Connect with 'In' and 'Out' labeled on the top. The Auto Shut Off Valve comes with four 1/4-Inch Quick Connect fittings. Easily insert 1/4-inch tubing directly into the ASO Valve. Adding a pump to a system with a standard auto shut off valve works okay, but changing the auto shut off valve to one that triggers at a range of approximately 78-84 percent of incoming line pressure will increase the holding capacity of the tank and provide a faster flow rate when dispensing water. The high pressure side of the ASOV is labeled with 'In' & 'Out'. The low pressure side of the ASOV is labeled with 'Tank'. The low pressure side in and out correspond to the same orientation as the high pressure side.
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Used In Brands Tier1
Manufacturer's Id ASV-ERP-JG
UPC 799932601347
Fitting Type Quick Connect
Fitting Size (inches) 1/4 inch
Warranty Guarantee Unconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product

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  1. The valve automatically shuts off production when the tank pressure reaches approximately 78% - 84% of the incoming line pressure to indicate the tank is full
  2. The ASO valve saves thousands of gallons of water. Reverse Osmosis Systems without an Automatic Shut-Off valve continually send rinse water to the drain even when the tank is full
  3. Note: In low water pressure areas the tank will not fill completely, but the tank will be more full with the the ASV-ERP-JG than without

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