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Brita 35559 Water Filter Bottles Blue & Green 20 oz - 2 Pack

Price $19.99 List Price Price $28.99 Save 31%
Availability: Discontinued
The Brita 35559 Water Bottle Filters offer quick and refreshing water on-the-go. Fill the Brita filter bottles with water from your tap for purer and healthier drinking water. The Brita Filters Bottles are 20 oz. portable squeeze bottles with replaceable water filter. The Brita Filter Bottles 35559 are NSF certified to reduce chlorine taste & odor. One Brita Filter Bottle can replace 150 plastic water bottles. The Reusable Brita Water Filter Bottles are dishwasher safe (top shelf only). Features an easy-to-carry finger loop. Also known as UPC 10060258355595.
Package Qty2
Used In BrandsBrita
Advertised Size (in)9-3/4 x 3
Actual Size (in)9 5/8 inches (length) x 2 1/2 inches (outside diameter)
Actual Size (cm)24.45 x 6.35
Filter Life (gallons)20
Filter Life (liters)75.71
Filter Life (months)2 months
Container Size (oz)20 oz
Container Size (ml)591.47
ColorBlue / Green
Country of ManufactureMexico
CertificationsNSF/ANSI Standard 42
IncludesBlue Brita Bottle Water Filtration System, Green Brita Bottle Water Filtration System, 2 Bottle Filters, 2 Sport Caps

Reduced Contaminants

The BRITA-BOTTLE-BL-GR-FILTER-INSIDE-2PK reduces the following contaminants:

  • Bad Taste and Odor 79.00%
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor 79.00%
  • Particulates (Class VI) 99.90%

The BRITA-BOTTLE-BL-GR-FILTER-INSIDE-2PK is comparable with the following part numbers


The BRITA-BOTTLE-BL-GR-FILTER-INSIDE-2PK fits the following model numbers



  1. Hand-wash bottle with mild soap and rinse well before first use
  2. Unscrew the cap and insert filter through the hole in the lid and tighten the cap to secure the filter
  3. Fill the bottle with cold tap water and squeeze one full bottle of water through the filter before use to acitvate the carbon and flush out any loose carbon fines