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WaterFilters.NET Calcite Water Treatment Media (50 lbs)

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Pure calcium carbonate (calcite) replacement media for residential acid neutralizer systems and commercial acid neutralizers. Calcite filter media is a naturally occurring calcium carbonate filtration media. When used properly, calcite media can correct pH to levels that are high enough to maintain a non-corrosive balance. Acidic waters slowly dissolve the Calcite media to raise the pH levels in the water supply, which reduces the potential leaching of copper, lead and other metals found in plumbing systems. Backwashing will prevent packing, reclassify the bed and maintain high service rates. Depending upon pH, water chemistry and service flow rate, your calcite filter will have to be periodically replenished as the calcite is depleted. Calcite offers cost-effective pH Correction. Calcite is slower reacting for controlled pH correction. Calcite media can be combined with Magnesium Oxide in a high flow acidic water environment to neutralize pH levels. As calcites calcium carbonate neutralizes the water, it will increase hardness and a softener may be required. Flowing acidic water through a bed of Calcite will dissolve it and raise the pH of water from 5.8 to 6.6. The bed should be backwashed on a regular basis and replaced periodically as it dissolves.
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