When do I need to change my water filter?

Each replacement water filter cartridge has a different life-span depending on how much the filter is used and depending on the contaminants in the water. While some filters are able to suggest lengths of time between changes, others are not. Manufacturers generally do not recommend timing for replacement cartridges because the type of water and the amount of use will dramatically affect the length of time you can use each filter. For some filters, manufacturers give approximate time frames and usage guidelines but the life of the filter will mainly depend on the quality of your water. Some of our products have reminder indicators that help determine when to change the water filter. For whole house systems, the water pressure should be monitored to determine when to change the filter.

Once you have determined the length of time between changes, this should be fairly repeatable because the water quality in a given area usually does not change dramatically over short periods of time. For example, if you determined one of the below methods that you need to change the filter after 2 months, you should expect to change the filter every 2 months in the future.

Manufacturers have a few rules of thumb that they recommend for determining whether your filter needs changing. There are different rules of thumb for sediment water filters, taste and odor carbon filters, and polyphosphate crystal filters.

When should I replace my SEDIMENT filter cartridge?
Sediment filters need changing when the pressure drop becomes too high. Generally, a sediment water filter will not be effective and may break down completely when the pressure drop reaches approximately 20 PSI.

To determine your pressure drop, you can install pressure gauges on each side of the filter housing. The gauges will measure the pressure at that point. The difference in the pressures is the pressure drop.

Alternatively, you can determine the pressure drop feel. When you notice that the pressure in the faucets are decreasing over time, you should change the filter to maximize effectiveness.

When should I change my taste and odor CARBON water filter?
It sounds simple and not very technical, but manufacturers generally recommend changing taste and odor carbon filters when you notice that the taste and odor has returned to your water.

If there is a chance you have contaminants in your water other than harmless contaminants that affect taste and odor, it is recommended that you change your carbon water filter at the very first sign of poor water taste or on a regular schedule before the water taste becomes poor.

10-12 psi pressure drop will crush the GAC carbon water filter cartridges. The pressure on the outside will push in on the filter.

When should I change my polyphosphate crystal filter?
Polyphosphate crystal filters (such as the Pentek PCC-1 filter) are unique from most water filter cartridges in that it is easier to estimate their average lifetime. These filters are usually effective for 1,200 gallons for each ounce of polyphosphate in the water filter cartridge. For example, a 12 ounce cartridge usually lasts for approximately 14,400 gallons.