Culligan AC-30 and Culligan AC30 Aqua Cleer Reverse Osmosis System Compatible Filters

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The Culligan Aqua-Cleer AC-30 RO System contains three replacement filters and one membrane. This system has a sediment stage, pre-carbon stage, membrane stage, and postfilter carbon stage. Reverse Osmosis water is ideal for coffee, tea, soup, juice, recipes, baby formula, houseplants, pets, pasta, ice cubes, steam irons, drink mixes, and everything you make with water.

Reduced Contaminants


  1. Flush stage 2 filter for a minimum of 6 hours. Flush stage 3 filter with a minimum of 5 gallons. Flush polishing filter with a minimum of 2 gallons. Turn off system
  2. Open the dispenser faucet and fill with one gallon of mix. Leave faucet on until storage tank is empty and shut off faucet. Remove polishing filter and discard
  3. Remove inline filter by pushing in the collect firmly but gently pulling out the tubing. Connect the tubing ends together temporarily with the tubing connector. Lift filter assembly from mounting bracket
  4. Pull the u-clips from all three housings. Insert u-clip into two square holes at bottom rear of manifold and push up to release filter housings. Remove stage 1 and 3 cartridge and discard
  5. If stage 2 filter will be reused, clean the outside and place in an unused plastic bag. Wet paper towels with diluted bleach solution. Clean inside of housings and underside of manifold. Sanitize tank and faucet
  6. Sanitize the Manifold Assembly. Turn on the supply valve. When water is seen flowing to the drain, carefully loosen the capillary tube assembly retaining screws until the flow to the drain increases
  7. When the assembly is about 3/16 inch out of the manifold, the o-ring seal for the capillary tube is bypassed, but there should be no external leaks
  8. Rinse the manifold assembly for five minutes or until no chlorine is detected in the water passing to the drain
  9. Tighten the capillary assembly retaining screws. Check the performance of the system according to the procedure outlined in the 'Performance and Technical Information' section
  10. Replace the RO membrane if necessary. Discard the first glassful of water from the system to flush out any residual chlorine that might remain in the polishing filter tubing and faucet

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