Culligan H-5 and Culligan H5 Aqua Cleer Reverse Osmosis System Compatible Filters

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The Culligan H-5 RO System contains two replacement filters and one membrane. The Culligan Good Water Machine H-5 has a particulate/carbon stage, membrane stage, and postfilter carbon stage. Reverse Osmosis water is ideal for coffee, tea, soup, juice, recipes, baby formula, houseplants, pets, pasta, ice cubes, steam irons, drink mixes, and everything you make with water. Culligan H5 Aqua Cleer comparable Part Numbers: Stage 1 PRE-RO: Culligan comparable 01-0125-80, 00-0011-38, 01-0042-91, 01-0000-78, 4027-96, 4487-63, 4496-28, 4487-62. Stage 2 CTA-16-C: Culligan comparable 00-4428-45, 01-0082-56, 1224433, TFM-18-C. Stage 3: K2333-JJ 1/4-Inch Quick Connect Fittings Culligan comparable 01-0000-79, 01-0001-24--OR--K2333-KK 3/8-Inch Quick Connect Fittings Culligan comparable 01-0042-91 Note: Most H5 models use the 1/4-inch inlet/outlet postfilter. A few H5 models use the 3/8-inch inlet/outlet postfilter.

Reduced Contaminants


  1. Cleanliness is essential in the filter replacement procedure. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before handling filters. The use of protective gloves is strongly recommended. It is important to flush the cartridges before use
  2. A minimum of 5 gallons should be flushed through the Carbon Cartridge to remove carbon dust. The RO Membrane Filter should be flushed for a minimum of 6 hours to remove preservative solution
  3. A minimum of 2 gallons should be flushed through the Polishing Filter to remove carbon dust. Turn off water supply valve. Open the dispenser faucet and drain the storage tank. Place the filter assembly in a bucket to catch any dripping water
  4. Relieve the pressure in the system by loosening the threaded tubing connector at the bottom of the RO membrane filter housing. Retighten the fitting. Pull the u-clip from the top of the particle prefilter housing
  5. Push the top cap into the housing to free the o-ring seal, then pull the top cap from the housing. Remove the particle prefilter element from the housing and discard. Clean the inside of the housing and top cap
  6. Lubricate the new particle prefilter cartridge o-ring with water and insert the new filter cartridge into the top cap. Do not install particulate/carbon filter at this time. Pour two tablespoons liquid chlorine bleach into the particle prefilter housing
  7. Assemble the housing, the top cap and the u-clip. Remove the activated carbon cartridge and, if using chlorine bleach, the RO membrane filter. Assemble the empty housings and replace the u-clips
  8. Turn on the supply valve and allow the system to fill with water. Once water begins to drip or flow from the faucet, close the faucet and allow the tank to fill. Turn off the supply valve and allow the system to sit for ten minutes
  9. Open the dispenser faucet and drain the storage tank. Replace all filters. Remove the polishing filter and discard. Remove the inline filter. Note the direction of flow and install the new polishing filter.

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