Culligan OP-1 Water Filter Pitcher

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The top of the line Culligan OP-1 Water Filter Pitcher has been tested and certified by NSF International, which means that the P-1R filter inside the OP-1 pitcher has passed rigorous testing standards. The P-1R filter reduces 98% lead, 90% Mercury, 99% Copper, 99% Zinc, 96% Chlorine, 94% Particulates, and 94% Sediment in your drinking water. Another benefit of the water filter pitcher is that it reduces bad taste and odor in your drinking water. The Culligan water filter pitcher has a space-saving oval design that fits in most refrigerator doors. The Culligan OP-1 also has a spout cover that prevents the transfer of refrigerator odors into the water filter pitcher. A unique feature of the Culligan OP-1 water filter pitcher is the date reminder indicator on the lid. You'll never forget to change the water filter! The pitcher weighs 2 pounds and the dimensions are 9.88-inch x 10.44-inch x 5.13-inch. The Culligan Water Filter Replacement Cartridge lasts for 40 gallons or 2 months and is easy to replace. No special tools are required to replace the filter. The replacement water filter cartridge fits in the Culligan Oval Pitcher OP-1 model, the Culligan Glass Pitcher GP-1 model, the Health o Meter and Mr.Coffee, Water By Culligan WFR1 and WFJ2 models. Also see the Culligan P-1RU universal water filter cartridge that fits most Brita and Pur water filter pitchers.

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