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Culligan SR-115 Shower Filter System

Price $100.00
Availability: Discontinued - Free Shipping
The Culligan SR-115 shower filter system reduces chlorine taste and odor up to 95%. The Culligan SR-115 prevents drying of skin and hair. Also reduces odor and sediment. Quick and easy shower filter installation with no special tools required. Culligan SR115 screws easily onto existing showerhead. Installation instructions included. Special design does not shorten the height of your current showerhead.


  1. Install on standard 1/2-inch threaded shower arm. Remove existing shower head from shower arm
  2. Set shower head aside. Wrap three layers of plumber's tape around the threads of the shower arm
  3. Attach Culligan Shower Filter to the shower arm by hand. Screw on the shower filter until the filter is secure (approximately three revolutions)
  4. DO NOT overtighten
  5. If your shower arm is too short you can remove the cartridge and then screw the filter cap onto the shower arm. Once the filter cap is in place you can replace the cartridge
  6. Wrap three layers of Plumber's tape onto the threads of the Culligan Shower Filter
  7. Install your shower head and hand-tighten
  8. Flush the cartridge for 5 minutes to remove all carbon fines